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Q&A with Coby Bradford of Peak Fighting

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Coby "The Candyman" Bradford is currently 2-0 as a professional, signed to Peak Fighting. Coming off a TKO victory at Peak Fighting's Summit Series 1 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Bradford is quickly establishing himself as a contender willing to fight the very best. Combat Sports Report sat down with the 29 year old prospect for a Q&A to help paint a picture of what it takes to be successful in the cut throat world of Professional MMA.

Coby Bradford Q&A

Q: You have a very impressive amateur background with 15 fights over the course of 2 years.  What was the mindset behind that?  Was it a conscious decision, or did you just keep saying yes to offers?

A: I was always an athlete so when I got done with college, I had this physique and nothing to do with it. I had put so much time into my athletism and now there is nothing left for me to do with it. So once I discovered MMA, I was late. I was behind everybody and I wanted to get experience, and the only way to get experience is to be in the cage. So if I'm healthy, I want to be in the cage.

Q: You’re currently contracted to Peak FC. I don’t know the terms, but signing an exclusive deal isn’t something many pro fighters do until they reach the highest levels.  Could you explain how that came to be and what influenced your decision to sign with them?

A: A bidding war. There's actually another company, who I wont name drop, that wanted my services. It came down to what's going to be best for me. As far as getting my name out there, and growing me as a brand. Who can get me in the cage the fastest? I went to one company and they had found me an opponent it wasn't the opponent I would have preffered. Most fighters want to fight bums, they want to fight trash cans, they want to pad their records. I dont want that. I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time. I want to fight the top top and I preseneted my case to Peak. Peak immediately said "Oh! Well, we have a guy that's 4-0 in Muay Thai. Do you want to fight him?" I said absolutely. Peak has everything I want and we see eye to eye. Im excited to see where the future goes.

MMA fighter Coby Bradford, known for his peak fighting skills, confidently smiles at a packed press conference.

Q:  It seems like you’ve traveled quite a bit to pursue a career in MMA.  What does a fight week away from home look like for you?  Do you stay in a hotel? If so, how does that affect your weight cut?

A: Lately, with me fighting at 185 or 195. I've been doing all my weight cutting the night before, I'll be up until 4:00am or 5:00am and have someone drive there. So I'm just asleep the whole time. When we finally get there, they wake me up. Im cranky. I get on the scale. Then I'm back to being all happy and hydrated.

Q:  We received some fan questions via social media. Are you ready? Some of these are a little wild.

A: Hit me, I'm ready.

@DG_Kaye asks:  Can you give us some insight into your life outside of fighting?  What hobbies do you have when you’re not training to whoop ass?

A: Thankfully, I dont have any female distractions. I'm a one woman guy, so I'm not in alot of trouble. I have 3 actual jobs. Outside of fighting, I also lead a security team. So there goes all my night life. I'm also a front office manager at a hotel in the daytime. So when I'm not at work, I'm training, and when I'm not training, I'm at work.

@GLKing_ asks: When can we see you fight in LA or Vegas?

A: He might know something I don't. I was hoping to get something juicy for this interview. Unfortunately, I did not. All I can say is the contract has been sent out, I'm just waiting to hear back. As far as locations, I dont know about Cali but Vegas?...well...that's all I'm going to say about that.

@CholbyBears asks: Have you ever chipped one of your homies’ teeth?

A: I might have been responsible for something like that. (Bradford laughs) Have I ever chipped someone's teeth? So, fun fact: one of my amatuer fights in Shreveport, it was on Friday the 13th. I came out to some real spooky music. I left that cage with a piece of his tooth in my glove. But even before I even became a fighter, yes unfortunately, I punched one of my bestfriends in the face and chipped his tooth.

Q: Ok so before we wrap up, the floor is yours anything you'd like to say? Any shout outs?

A: Yes, I'd like to make an announcement. I just agreed to a sponsorship with Assault Life, a company out of Lousiana. Go see them for AR's or really any kind of weaponry you may need. Whether it be a new barrel, or a tacitical trigger they can handle all that. I want to shout out Roma Pines Bookkeeping that's another one of my sponsors. The Emotional Club back in Longview, Texas. Dope Dope Gear, and of course Peak Fighting. We have the best promotion, we have the best fights. Team 515 and The Compound out in Shreveport, that's where I train.

Coby Bradford, elated in his win, is engaged in a cage interview at a  Peak MMA event.
Coby Bradford Post Fight Interview

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