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UFC FIGHT PASS Invitational 5 Results

Nicholas Meregali rocks the UFC Apex defeating Felipe Pena at the UFC FIGHT PASS INVITATIONAL 5.

In the co-main event, Nicky Rodriguez edged out Yuri Simões in overtime and took the mic to extend a challenge to Gordon Ryan.

Here's a recap of everything that happened at UFC FIGHT PASS INVITATIONAL 5.

UFC FIGHT PASS Invitational 5 Results

  • Achilles Rocha defeats Andy Verela by points in OT

  • Hannah Goldy defeats Amanda Mazza by Submission due to an Armbar

  • Aaron Wilson defeats Cristian Guzman by Submission due to an Armbar

  • Vagner Rocha defeats Victor Silverio by Submission in OT

  • Elisabeth Clay defeats Luiza Monteiro by Submission due to a Heel Hook

  • Jonnatas Gracie defeats Nicky Ryan by Points in OT

  • Victor Hugo defeats Dan Manasoiu by Submission due to an Americana

  • Mason Fowler defeats Haisam Rida by Submission due to Kimura

  • Co-Main Event: Nicky Rodriguez defeats Yuri Simões by Points in OT

Nicky Rodriguez stands victorious over Yuri Simões at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5
Nicky Rodriguez stands victorious at the UFC Apex

  • Main Event: Nicholas Meregali defeats Felipe Pena by Submission due to a one-handed Rear Naked Choke

Nicholas Meregali secures a one handed rear naked choke
Nicholas Meregali securing back control

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