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Q&A with Sean Lally MMA Pro Ahead of His Cagetitans 63 Welterweight Title Fight

Updated: 4 days ago

Watertown, MA - "The Unpredictable One" Sean Lally MMA professional is gearing up to face Joe "Skellator" Giannetti on January 27th at the Plymouth Memorial Hall. Simultaneously, Lally is running Title Boxing in Watertown, MA along with being a dad and husband. We sat down with the Welterweight standout to find out what it takes to prepare for an opponent like Giannetti, while managing a career and family.

Sean Lally MMA professional collaborates with Combat Sports Report

Q&A with Sean Lally MMA professional out of Watetown, MA

Q: I'm not sure how Cagetitans fight's come together, was this offered to you? Did Joe ask for it? Did you ask for it? How did the match up on January 27th come to be?

A: Joe and I have both been fighting for Cagetitans for about 10 years. I think I kind of came into my pro career, when he was starting his amateur career. It was right around the same time, so we've been around each other. We've even trained together, a long time ago but that was the past. It's a fight I was always excited about being potentially offered. He has kind of gone back and forth between 155 and 170 over the years. I'm a 170 guy, all day. Recently, I was looking at Pat Casey as a potential opponent, and then Joe Joe as a potential opponent. So when that fight came together (Joe Giannetti vs Pat Casey) that's when I reached out to (Mike) Polvere and I said: "Hey! Give me the winner!" It was more just that I wanted the opportunity to get in and fight for the 170 belt. These are 2 opponents that I've wanted to fight for a long time. They're both challenging in different ways. So I thought it would be a cool opportunity. I know Jack Congdon is next in line for the 170 title but he's sidelined with an injury right now. So I said: "Mike, let's put this fight together." My goal isn't to go in there and defend the Cagetitans title and defend it for the next 5 years after that. I want to go in there win a New England Title and we'll see what happens after that.

After Joe Joe won, I reached back out to Mike and said: "Hey what's going on?" He had told me he thought Joe Joe wanted to go back down to 155....But then...I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he wanted to fight me and defend his 170 belt. So it was just a good opportunity. It wasn't that I was necessarily next in line, I haven't been super active over the last few years. It was just that Jack was injured, Joe stepped in late and won the title. It kind of gave me the chance to step in and go take it from him.

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Q: You and Joe both are on the cusp of that next level. Regardless of where your career's take you, it's not crazy to think that one day you and Joe could be cornering opposite one another, or sharing the commentary booth. So when it's close quarters like that, do bragging rights matter?

A: I think so. For me, it's more that I want to test myself. I'm not interested in fighting guys with losing records. Guys, that we would consider to be bums, as far as pro fighters. I have no interest in doing that. My last opponent was a last minute replacement. I had to do what I had to do. I went out there and got the win. But because I haven't been active, I'm trying to be more a lot more strategic of the fights that I pick, when I pick them, who the opponents are... I don't know how much longer I'm going to be in the game for, or chose to be in the game for, so this was a fight that I get excited for. Yes, bragging rights. Yes, I have the opportunity to win a second New England title, but again, Joe Joe is a tough opponent. I like that side of it. I have to be fully prepared. I can't go in ill prepared. I can't go in half a**ed. It is a fight where I feel I have the recipe to come out victorious. So with all those factors, yeah its exciting. We've both been around for years, everyone has seen what we've both done and what we're both capable of so I think it's a really exciting fight for the fans. I wanted a fight that people could get pumped up about and be really excited to watch. This is it, and its 5 rounds which is sick.

Sean Lally MMA

Q: Joe has a really unique physique and style. Are you doing anything different this camp to prepare for him and that almost Diaz style? I saw you brought an NBA player into your camp is that your secret weapon?

A: Yeah we brought Jaylen in! (Lally laughs) No, seriously we're aware of his style.

Jaylen Brown and Shaun Lally pose with a young student
NBA Player Jaylen Brown & MMA Fighter Shaun Lally

You know they're certain things that we have focused on, with his style and his build. He's the kind of guy people look at and say: "Oh, you're going to snap that guy in half!" and I'm never the one to think like that. Generally, I look more imposing than him but I know as well as anyone, because I've been in this game a long time, that muscles don't win fights.

I know that Joe Joe is very creative. I think he presents a very unorthodox style. His striking has improved quite a bit over the years. He's not necessarily a power guy, but like you said, he's like one of those Diaz guys that can pick you apart, pick his shots, and he's a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. So he has some dangerous submissions, some dangerous chokes. D'arce, Guillotine, all that, but I think we're staring to develop a bit recipe on how to attack and how to get that victory.

Q: On a more personal note, you're a family man, a business owner, a pro fighter, how have you been able to juggle all those priorities? It's more impressive to manage all that over just sole focus on the fight.

A: It's about prioritizing and time management. I'm at a point in my life where my time is super valuable now. I have 2 kids, I have a wife, I have a dog, I have a business with 12 employees and almost 400 members, I'm training multiple times a week. So time management. I don't watch TV during the week. I don't even turn the TV on Monday through Friday. The TV doesn't come on once. I don't play video games. I don't got time to play video games because I'm a f****** adult male. I decide what things are most important to me, then I have to look at my schedule and see where these things can fit in, and it has to be very organized. I've have stepped back from pro fighting, in the last few years to prioritize business and family, but fitness is something that's always been a priority of mine. So although I wasn't training martial arts 5 times a week consistently over the last year, I've been training martial arts since I was 15 years old. I'm in great shape. I have the ability to turn it up for periods of time to get in the best physical and mental shape and be fully prepared to compete at a high level on a certain date.

Now after this fight, I'm right back into my main focus being business and my family. At this time, my family understands that their are some sacrifices that have to be made. My employees understand that they have to step in up in certain categories. I have a really great team that supports me as much as I hope to support them, and that is what allows me to train as hard as I need for January 27th.

Q: Anything you'd like to say? The floor is yours!

A: I'll give a shout out to OVN that's a veteran organization that supports veterans with PTSD and all sorts of mental stuff. I'll give a shout out to my business Title Boxing of Watertown. My business KILL LLC. We're putting out a bunch of different gear. We got some new fight shirts coming up. And just a shout out to everyone that supports me. To be able to accomplish great things, no matter how good you are at what you do, you need a strong support team around you and everything that I do is supported by a big group of people. I support them and they support me. That's what's most important and everyone that I'm talking about knows who they are.

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