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RCS Network Streaming On-Demand

Regional Combat Sports Network is bringing your favorite athletes to any device!

combat sports streaming

The promotion turned platform rolled out an OTT website, providing fight fans with access to hours of premium content wherever they are, with no restrictions. The RCS Network team is currently developing an app for free on Apple TV, Roku, Fire, Android, and iOS devices.

“With the launch of our first OTT platform, we were able to fulfill the growing global demand for our product. Now we are excited to work with independent promotions nation-wide to help their fans watch, whenever and however they see fit.” said RCS Network Creator Nick Marsello. “RCS Network is a media and content company. As we continue to grow, we strive to upgrade our equipment and provide the best quality streaming for your event."

combat sports streaming

In addition to event replays, fans will enjoy original storytelling from RCS Network's studios, a fully integrated global media division of the company, producing original content for all platforms including television, digital and mobile. Marsello drew inspiration for RCS Studios from his time as a promoter and has assembled a top team, of digital story tellers.

RCS Network will feature exclusive, never-before-seen interviews and footage that will provide fans with unprecedented access to their favorite fighters. Hear from the stars of your promotion in addition to celebrity fans.

Your promotion will monetize the OTT platform through sponsorship and advertising opportunities for leading brand partners, in addition to microtransaction purchases for fans tied to exclusive content.



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