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Q&A With Pro Flyweight Alberto Trujillo

San Diego - CS/R sat down for a Q&A with pro flyweight Alberto Trujillo ahead of his upcoming fight at Fury 85 in Houston Texas. Trujillo is looking to make a statement in this fight that he belongs at the elite levels of competition.

CS/R: You’re 8-3 as a pro, and undefeated as an amateur. What does training for a fight camp look like for you having gone through the process so many times?

Trujillo: I never really stop training, the only thing that really changes when I'm in camp is I pick up the intensity a little bit more. I'm smaller so I feel I have to work a little harder in the gym so I found if I just stay in shape I don't have to work even harder. I just try to maintain.

CS/R: You're fighting out of Arkansas by way of San Diego. How did that come to be?

Trujillo: So I'm from Arkansas and I used to train in my parent's store. My parents own their own business, and I had some friends that would come over and train with me. Actually, what happened was, an Army Ranger showed up to our town and he showed me some stuff. He left about a year later, but he left me his mats. So I put the mats in my parent's store, and I started getting some friends together and we would all train in the store.

I enlisted in the Navy when I was 18 and one of my friends joined about a year after me. I was stationed in Hawaii, and he was stationed in San Diego. So I got out of the Navy and hit him up and said "Hey bro, do you mind if I move in with you for a couple of months until I get going and start training again in San Diego?" He was the one that knew Dominick Cruz and Phil Davis and all them at Alliance and that's how I ended up over there.

CS/R: As I mentioned earlier, you’re 8-3 it seems like this is around the time in a fighter’s career where larger organizations start to reach out. Has that crossed your mind going into this fight?

Trujillo: Yeah, I mean it's been on my mind for a while now. I was kind of hoping that was going to happen when I fought for the Fury FC title. I went into that fight with some injuries to my ribs so I wasn't able to train the way I wanted to, but going into this one I am healthy. I'm really excited. Hopefully, I can get a knock out or a submission, just some kind of finish because I kind of need the money now ya know?

Alberto Trujillo secures the Cage Fury title.
Alberto Trujillo secures the Cage Fury title.

CS/R: What are your professional goals? Is there something you’d really like to achieve before you leave the gloves in the cage?

Trujillo: Get the UFC title, that's the main one. Then afterwards I want to open up my own gym, but first I want the UFC title.

CS/R: So we have a couple of fan questions for you via social media.

Trujillo: Ok

Fan Question : What is your favorite part about being a fighter?

Trujillo: That you never stop learning I guess. Even if its something small like grabbing the wrist or the way you position your arm. It's crazy. It just never stops.

Fan Question: Any advice for young athletes looking to fight?

Trujillo: Train hard, but don't rush the process. That's my advice, train hard and don't rush it.

Fan Question: What’s 1 thing you’ve learned as a pro that you wish you could go back and tell yourself as an amateur?

Trujillo: Oh! Weight-cutting. My partner Tina Petigrew, she knows how to weight cut and has this whole process. When I was an amateur, I'd put on the trash bags and sauna suit and go for a run the day before weigh-ins. Now I'm water loading, cutting salts, I cut carbs like 3 days out. Stuff like that, it's made my weight cuts a lot easier.



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