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Q&A with Justin Orr MMA Standout Ahead of His Sparta Combat League Fight

Denver, CO - Justin Orr MMA standout steps into the #Sparta cage once again, as he faces Miguel Barrientos (6-1) on Saturday January 27th at the Blue Sport Stable. Orr enters the bout with a 3-0 record and looks to remain perfect despite having less experience on paper. We sit down with "Too Sweet" #JustinOrr after a training session to find out about his team, his training camp for this fight, and his goals as he advances toward a professional career.

Justin Orr Q&A with the Combat Sports Report

Q: You're slated to fight Miguel Barrientos at Sparta. How did this fight come together?

A: I've been putting in a lot of work lately. What 8 months? It took me 3 fights, 3 wins. This is going to be my 4th fight now for the championship. I don't believe Sparta had (an amateur) championship at lightweight, so I guess #MiguelBarrientos was looking to add another belt to his collection and they figured I'm ready for the shot. So they stepped me up in there so I can go ahead and take that thing from him.

Justin Orr MMA #JustinOrrMMA

Q: Do you feel that you're ready for the spot? Your records are a little disparaging, but I'm sure since you're with Easton you have a ton of smokers, a ton of grappling tournaments.

A: Oh yeah. I'm definitely ready. Actually funny thing about it, I did not do any smokers for #Easton. I had told my coaches that I'm going to pursue this by myself, and they did not like it of course, but they understood what I wanted to do and said "If you feel like you're ready then go for the shot." I believe I proved myself to the coaches and all the promotions that I'm ready for those shots.

Q: You're coming off a win over Jeff Poston and I personally think it was your best performance yet. You showed composure and that forward pressure we have come to expect from you. Did you feel more composed than in past fights?

A: I would definitely say my second fight I found my composure, I just I didn't have the #striking behind me. I mean thats when I went back to the lab to get that striking back and I definitely proved I have the striking ready. I'm always ready to go. Cardio is always 100% anytime they bring that stool in, I gotta kick that thing out. I can't show my opponent that I'm tired. Ever.

Q: Can you speak on your camp a little bit? You're coaching and training out of Easton Training Center. What is a typical day in the life like?

A: Well I have a lot of great training partners. I am lucky that I found Easton when I did come to #Colorado. #BojanVelickovic he's sparring right now at #Oktogon, going for his title. He's one of my training partners. #ArchieColgan he fights out of #Bellator, I get to train with him. Man, I get to train with an endless amount of people but it's not really about the stars that you get to train with, it's about the people that make you better around you. The normal folk that you don't really think that they can test you. They can push you into deep waters. They can do anything. They can make you better.

Justin Orr MMA stand out rains down punches on an opponent

Q: With a win in January you're 4-0 and that is typically when the conversations to go pro start occurring. Do you currently have plans to transition into a professional career?

A: Oh yes. After I take this title. I'm going over to #ColoradoCombatClub , take that title. Then I'll be done with the amateur scene. I will be going to #MuayThai until December, to get my striking even better. Then I'll be going pro. January 2025, I'll be looking for my first fight.

Q: As I just said, you're heading into your 4th fight. 2 are in the Sparta cage and 2 are for Colorado Combat Club. Can you speak on why you have fought for those promotions in particular?

A: They are the most prominent out here, and they are the most well connected, I would definitely say. They are always ready for you to come out and fight. They will reach out to you and when you reach out to them, they are quick to respond. That's what I loved. When I went to even start my fighting career, I went to Facebook and found them. They hit me up immediately after I sent out that message. That's all you need, is responses. You have to jump on every opportunity that you get because you don't know when you'll get those opportunities again.

Justin Orr MMA lightweight stands victorious in the cage.
Justin Orr MMA lightweight stands victorious in the cage

Q: That's all I have for you is there anything you'd like to tell the fans heading into this fight? Any shout outs? The floor is yours.

A: Easton. They are my home, my backing. When I first came here, I was here to find #JustinWhitman, #JustinGaethje, #KamaruUsman, but I found something way better. I am so excited to be able to one day represent my school. Where I don't have to be an independent fighter anymore I can be apart of and truly be an Easton fighter. That's why I'm out here grinding every single second of my life. Every 2 months I'm out here looking for a fight. If I'm not injured and my face is still looking beautiful like it is, I'm ready to fight.


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