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Q&A Session | Justin Valentin MMA Professional From Meridian, CT

Meridian, CT - He’s a Flyweight New England standout who since 2014 has assembled an impressive resume. He holds victories over the likes of #MikeKimbel #RichieSantiago & #HarrisBonfiglio . Saturday January 27th he enters #Cagetitans competition to face TUF Veteran #MitchRaposo . Meet Justin Valentin, one of the most skilled fighters on the East Coast.

Justin Valentin Q&A with Combat Sports Report

Q: Is this your first fight for Cagetitans?

A: No, I was supposed to fight for Cagetitans as an amatuer, but the fight ended up falling through like a week prior. My opponent had an injury or something, go on. This was years back, probably 2015 or 2016 mabye?

Q: January 27th you're facing Mitch Raposo. Two of the most skilled Flyweights in the area facing off. How did this fight come together?

A: Well, I think the rankings came out for New England. #SteveDomenico, the ambassador to fighters with #NewEnglandMMA came out with the ranking. They had Mitch at number 1 and me at number 2. I forget some of the other ones, but basically Mitch commented on it and said: "Hey number 1 vs number 2, let's do it." I commented back: "Let's get after it. Let's give the people what they want." This is a fun fight to make.

Q: Are you a full-time fighter or do you work a day job as well?

A: I do have a day job, well it's actually a night job. I work the overnight shift. I'm a blade painter. I used to paint helicopters, now I paint helicopter blades. I've been doing that full time for quite a while now, almost fourteen years.

Justin Valentin MMA

Q: What does your preparation for this fight look like? Are you doing anything unique to prepare for your opponent?

A: I'm just trying to get in as many rounds as I can. Trying to work with guys that kind of emulate his style. He moves around alot, so I'm expecting a high pace. A lot of movement around the cage. I heard Cagetitans' cage is a little bit smaller but, I think there's going to be a lot of movement going on in there. I'm expecting a tough high-paced fight, so I'm just trying to keep my cardio on point.

Justin Valentin backstage before his MMA fight

Q: With a win in January, you'll be 5-2. That's typically around the time larger organizations start to reach out. Is there anything you'd like to accomplish while you're still on the regional scene?

A: If we get an opportunity at the next level, I'm going to take it. What's on my mind right now is just taking it one fight at a time, trying to take the hardest fights I can right now. I've been doing this for a long time. I feel like, if we stay on the regional scene, I got a few more years left. But, if we can get to something bigger man, I'll take advantage of it. I'll go right into that same as always. Business as usual.

Q: Any shout outs? Any thing you'd like to tell your audience?

A: Shout out to my team. I've been with #UnderdogMMA for about...woof...12 years now? My cousins Johnny and Robert brought me into the gym. I've been working with #MattBessette for a long time and #RusselLeak is my head coach. That guys the man. He's the freakin' grand master over there. Shout out to my team. I have really strong coaches around me. Shout out to my wrestling coaches #KiaGholampour and #ChristopherSamboy. Sergio Suarez is our Jiu Jitsu coach. Right now I have a strength and conditioning coach, John Durrette. I'm just taking little pieces from all of these guys and putting them all together, and right now, I feel my game is the best it's ever been.

Justin Valentin and his Team at Underdog MMA

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