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Matt Ferraiolo Q&A

Matt Ferraiolo

Q. You have a match December 9th, a match December 10th and a third Match on December 17th which is a rematch with Mikey Rolls. How did that schedule come to be? Is this something you planned intentionally, or did you just keep receiving offers and saying yes?

A. A little of both. It's hit or miss competing at black belt, but I had a feeling these matches were going to happen. I reached out looking for opponents and the offers came in.

Q. What does your training look like ahead of a series of matches like that? Do you taper down or is it business as usual?

A. No, its pretty much business as usual. I don't ever really taper down. I try to go hard every day....and I'm starting to feel it. I'm 36, so the arthritis is kicking in some days I really feel beat up. I just keep trying to go hard everyday still.

Q. You stay busy on the independent scene and have competed across the country. What is it that you look for in a promotion?

A. I look for the EBI ruleset. I like what Eddie Bravo is doing with the overtime. I haven't really encountered a bad promotion so far.

Q. So its more the ruleset than the business side of things that appeals to you?

A. Not necessarily. Look everyone thinks they're Gordon Ryan and should be paid to show up. I use these matches as training camps. I like to go to a new gym and train with a new group of guys and travel.

Q. That's a really good outlook to have. Far too often guys are very negative toward promotions when they have your level of experience. Which brings me to my next question. What advice would you give to a senior in high school that wants to start fighting but doesn't know where to start?

A. I'd say don't. It's not worth it. Possibly sleeping in your car with aches and pains and then the money never comes. If they're going to do it though, if they hear all that and don't care, because that's how I was... Then I'd say start with boxing and wrestling. That's what I did. Wrestling, then boxing. Wrestling is the best base.

Matt is currently looking for sponsors ahead of this ambitious schedule. If your business would like to contribute reach out via social media @ferraiolomatthew155

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