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Caleb Crump: 'I'm Coming For The Triple Crown'

PHX 179lb & 189lb Champion Caleb Crump looks to make CS/R history and become the first ever 3 Division Champion!

Las Vegas - No stranger to air travel, Caleb Crump has built a rapport with the Denver TSA. The agents will regularly ask Crump "How did your matches go this time?" or "Are you competing for money?". With an MMA Fight on the horizon, followed up by the CS/R Las Vegas Invitational just one month later, Crump will have plenty to discuss during his next security screening as the travel never ends for a full time fighter!

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“I'm blessed with opportunities that help me build and grow. I'm grateful!” said Crump, who is gearing up to face #JaredMcloughlin at #PeakFightingChampionships July 13th in Shawnee, OK. It’s his first MMA bout in 7 months and while Crump may have been away from the Cage, he has stayed incredibly busy on the grappling scene.

Crump explained to CS/R: “(Grappling) Organizations are starting to put money into the sport, which is awesome to see. The athletes are starting to be able to get paid.”

Caleb Crump celebrates a grappling victory
Caleb Crump celebrates a $1500 Victory in the Welterweight Division at the Combat Sports Report Phoenix Invitational I (Photo by Jamie Cogg)

Undoubtably one of the most active competitors in the country, Crump has competed in: #Houston, #Boston, #Phoenix, and of course, his home state of #Denver since first stepping on the CS/R Mats just 3 months ago.

Caleb Crump: 'I'm Coming For The Triple Crown'

Crump has looked unbeatable in his last 7 matches at the CS/R Invitational. Frustrating all of his opponents, Crump never seems to be settled in any one position for more than a second or two. The flowy, scrambley, offensive style has become a fan favorite as audiences all over the west can't seem to get enough of Crump.

“He's so entertaining. He never runs out of energy. The crowd loves him. As the day goes on he seems to get faster and his timing actually improves. With our ruleset, his style is a nightmare for just about anyone. You can't outpace him, so you'll have to submit him to win, but I mean, good luck with that.” said CS/R owner Nick Marsello 

Despite an appearance at 179.9lbs, when it comes to grappling, Crump is more naturally suited for the Middleweight Division limit of 189.9lbs. Crump's aforementioned MMA Fight is scheduled to take place at 170lbs. It will be interesting to see how much weight Crump will be able to put on in a month ahead of his first appearance in the CS/R Open Weight Absolute Division in Las Vegas. Even entering the tournament at 190lbs, Crump would still be on the lighter side as numerous Heavyweights have secured their spots!

“We have some very accomplished Brown Belts in this Bracket. Some of these Purple Belts are quietly training in the best rooms in the world. We had to find a ref physically large in stature to control the action. These guys are giant athletes.“

- CS/R owner Nick Marsello.

A grappler in back mount
Caleb Crump takes the back of Cody Castro in the Middleweight Semi Finals at the Combat Sports Report Phoenix Invitational II (Photo by Ricky Rosa of Pilgrim Studios)

Crump welcomes the challenge as he was in close communication with the CS/R match making team as to not miss out on 1 of the 16 spots. "All month we've been hearing from Caleb Crump: 'I'm Coming For The Triple Crown' He's looking to make history." said CS/R owner Nick Marsello 

“I've been working a ton of Heel-Hooks. A ton of Leg-Locks. In the past, Leg-Locks have kind of plagued me. So I kind of felt like I had a breakout performance against #KevinBeuhring at the Combat Sports Report (Invitational) last time. I know he (Beuhring) is a really good Leg-Locker, and I shut that all down."

- Caleb Crump

Crump is definitely a favorite heading into the bracket as a 2 Division Champion. Another strong contender looks to be Middleweight Division Silver Medalist #IsaiahGarcia. Garcia has also secured his spot in the Absolute Division and no doubt has his sights set on Crump as Crump took a $1000 Decision Victory win over Garcia June 8th in the 189lb division finals.

The stage is set for some incredible story lines to play out and the anticipation gives way to the action Friday August 16th! Live and free on our YouTube Channel! Subscribe Today!

Don't miss a moment of CS/R Invitational Las Vegas, live from Life Legacy Venue in Las Vegas on August 16th, 2024. Matches start at 4pm PT, 7pm ET!



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