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5 PFL Fights To Make After The 2023 Championship

Kayla Harrison vs Cris Cyborg

Denver, CO - As predicted, the first PFL card after the Bellator acquisition had some pretty unprecedented call outs and fight announcements. The PFL brass has all but set a date for some of these match ups. Here are 5 fights to make after the PFL 2023 Championship.

1.) Kayla Harrison vs Cris Cyborg

Kayla Harrison took no time making waves after a unanimous decision victory over Aspen Ladd. Harrison, a true professional combat athlete, called out UFC & Bellator veteran Cris Cyborg. "I heard there's a girl in Bellator that thinks she's a bad b****, well let's find out." PFL CEO Donn Davis has confirmed that the fight will take place after Larissa Pacheco gets her chance of course.

"It’s champ versus champ. Larissa’s earned that but will Cris then fight Kayla in 2024? 100 percent, that is going to happen,” Davis told media sources. “Cris will have two fights in 2024. Kayla will have two fights in 2024. One of those will be Cris against Kayla, but we think that Larissa’s earned that. Once again, you have to give them champ versus champ. Cris is the champ of Bellator, Larissa’s the champ here, so you’ve got see that fight happen first, and then coming out of that, you’ll see Cris Cyborg against Kayla Harrison as the next fight in 2024.

2.) Ryan Bader vs Rennan Ferreira

I know, I know, The Ngannou fight is a huge match up for either of these fighters. Which is why the PFL brass should let it simmer. There are opportunities for Francis to faceoff in the PFL Smartcage with the winner. There will be more promotional footage when Bader vs Ferreira inevitably ends in spectacular fashion. Not to mention the simple fact that Ngannou is riding a career high after a spectacular performance over Tyson Fury. The PFL has money in the bank and should treat the Ngannou debut as such.

3.) Vadim Nemkov vs Impa Kasanganay

From the receiving end of the most viral KO in MMA history, to PFL Light Heavyweight champion, Impa Kasanganay means business. After showing an iron mindset the 2023 Champion took to the mic and declared that he's only looking to fight the best. Calling out both Vadim Nemkov and Francis Ngannou. While the hype might not be there for the Ngannou match up, Nemkov presents an amazing fight for hardcore fans. Nemkov has beaten the likes of Phil Davis, Yoel Romero, and Ryan Bader. The winner of this fight is presented some very unique options as the 2024 Heavyweight scene progresses.

4.) Jason Jackson vs Magomed Magomedkerimov

The 2 faced off after Magomed Magomedkerimov's submission of Sadibou Sy and PFL has confirmed the fight will take place in 2024. Magomedkerimov was pressed in a post fight interview asking if he would have preffered a different opponent. Magomedkerimov quickly shut the conversation down explaining that Jackson is the right opponent. It's tough to disagree with the 2023 champion's assessment. Jackson road quite the win streak before securing Bellator gold and the Champion vs Champion format naturally makes the most sense for both fighters.

5.) Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

Despite Derek Brunson calling out Paul after his victory over Cooper III, PFL CEO Donn Davis has told MMA media there is a 15 million dollar offer waiting for Diaz should he take the fight. The MMA debut of Jake Paul would no doubt do huge PPV figures for the PFL and the proven draw of Nate Diaz in the MMA world is essentially money in the bank. Should the PFL be able to promote Paul vs Diaz along with the debut of Francis Ngannou the UFC might be in for more of a fight than they have been anticipating.

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